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Friday, May 9, 2008

Infinity Constructions

I proposed this show last year, and had been struggling to make the work from my home studio. Each time that I visited the campus I found major inspiration on site. The garbage surrounding the building site next door to the gallery was outstanding. Many months of work and many discarded bottles, cans and wrappers. I couldn't believe my fortune, I just thought maybe I should just collect everything thrown away on site, and pop it tidily into the gallery...too easy. But it did lend me a freedom to add this if I wanted! (Or ran out of my own stuff!)
The building site itself is a work of art. I love the unfinishedness of sites under construction. Raw and clad with the most interesting coloured materials, cranes and hardhatters, and's alive and unsanitised and special. The architecture, thats another story. I can see these jutting out bits, all v contemporary, big green glass windowed building, modern materials and it does indeed appear modern. But can I say lacking creativity, its like you draw some squares, and halve them and get some triangles and rotate them and voila, a new bloody block of pop-up mercy. Whatever! We are not in Melbourne.
The next time I came I noticed that the flower designs printed on the new glass cross bridge were the same as ones I had been copying for my Happiness table decorations! How cool was that.
As I went to mind the space, the other day I saw a construction worker with the firm's name "Infinity Constructions" on his vest (no camera of course). But believe me, this made my day. Everything came together...infinity huh? I dig it! My work is endless, it is confined by walls, yes, but it is an ongoing manifestation of now. It reflects and takes in all that is around, and is formulated gradually, but then in immediacy as well.

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