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Cultural Product
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Colour cont.

Install detail
Install detail the blues do not reproduce well, but there is a light box underneath.

Blue time

I love blue. Who doesn't? In fact, I love every colour, as there is a place for each and every one. Plastics, found and collected, a light blue nylon jacket that I'd found and couldn't give away and couldn't get myself to throw away, so it got put on a plinth and I got a clear helium balloon ($1.50), for the opening night to act as a head.

This piece was assisted by my neighbour Russell, as he had a piece of perspex that he gave me to make the tabletop, and Rod from the plastics lab who used a new bandsaw to cut it into a semi circle for me.

I must add that all the plastics I use are found or donated by my friends and family.

In addition to this (in the blue corner) is a video I shot at Newtown Aquarium only a few weeks ago. I've simply watched the salt water fish, and shot footage of their beauty, and sinister encapsulated quality...what a blue they use in tanks. I stumbled upon the new shop a few weeks ago, while out searching for inspiration, after a day of slaving over some large banners. It'd been raining incessantly and I was suffering cabin fever so I went for a walk. The Aquarium shop is just around the corner but I hadn't been up there for months and had no idea it was so close by, and pretty well kept. I met the manager, Sherwin, who didn't mind me filming at a quiet time, so I went back the next day...they didn't care that it was for art work. But what got me was this takeaway container punctured with holes that they kept this white snake thing with black spots, underwater. I will try and grab an image of it for was so terribly sad, confined in this jail. It summed up what I was doing, better than I could say myself.

I have situated the blue works in the corner of the gallery that leaks when there is torrential rain. Apparently the water pools in a lake on the floor there. Wow.

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