Cultural Product

Cultural Product
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Minimalism vs Maximalism

Two sides, each reacting to each other. I am interested in both, and wonder if perhaps I am a minimalist in a small space. My photos don't tell the truth, they lie about the space, framing it falsely. I am very inspired by most art work, whether I love it or don't I either want to improve on it, or wish I had made it myself. There is a lot of work that I am ambivalent about, I think that's normal.

Sometimes my work is essentially a hint, a suggestion, perhaps something that could be explored further, as a line which may be expanded upon at some stage. I often see projects as play areas, where I can expose and try out ideas. I know some artists who will only show a very finished work, but that is not me. I relish the idea of public presentation, the reality has it's own limitations. Perhaps if I had a really big studio I could turn it into an ongoing gallery project, and invite, sounds like The Factory...

I am interested in creating designated spaces where work occurs, work spaces can be so inviting and I relish setting up spaces where you can project your own narrative.