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Cultural Product
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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I wish I built this. In fact, I was going to do a rendition in cardboard but never got around to it. It is the former Deaf and Blind Institute on City Road, and when I go past I always admire it. The olden days.
So many windows,
so many styles
such a plethora of decoration
such balance.
I'd like to build my own buildings. As a child in Vienna
I visited the Hundertwasser House numerous times...loved it. I still haven't been to Barcelona, and know how much I would love to see Gaudi's work. The merging of styles always seemed to make so much sense. I love going to Melbourne and seeing the architecture there. When I was in Darwin, doing the show Eco-Boutique I made a cardboard construction of houses in a cardboard box. It was funny, because there was a real gated community
The Narrows.