Cultural Product

Cultural Product
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Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is a copy of a page of architectural features by Piranesi. Sharpie on donut box.

This is the original and the watercolour copy.
I sometimes feel that in order to truly value something, I need to make a copy of it.

I have reproduced a rendition of striking real estate advertisements. I became interested in perusing the ad pages for unusual photographs, finding that certain artworks featured in multiple homes. Primarily buddha paintings which I can only assume are installed by the real estate agent to provide a sense of 'peaceful place'.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Trashcan Dreams


October 2010
Trashcan Dreams at The Performance Space
with dancers Morisan Yasuaki and Lina Ritchie
The title comes from an Elton John song; Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters
There were many elements to this exhibition, primarily I was responding to the site with my collection and with pieces that would provide an environment to respond to. The dancers, from Japan, worked in collaboration with the materials, over a nine day intense period, where we explored a huge variety of movement.
The work consisted of vast quantities of plastic collected over the last ten years from my local neighbours and friends. Many of the plastics were re-cycled from other exhibitions, being re-fashioned for this event.
The piece I am most proud of; Kyoto copy was made entirely of plastics and is a literal copy of a piece I saw in Kyoto in 2009.

Working with colour, materials, video and objects, interacting with the space and reacting to site-specific as well as historical contexts within the site.

Rectangular dance workshops with participants