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Cultural Product
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

City of Plenty

Three years ago, when working on Plastici at Margot Lewer's home in Penrith, Lee-Anne Hall the director spoke with me about doing a project. This year it became reality. It has been documented by the students at Caroline Chisolm High School on this blog I was fortunate enough to have the great pleasure of assembling and arranging the donated works... For real, usually I go out seeking/collecting/gathering, THIS TIME IT CAME TO ME! What is more, at the end of the project it was donated to Penrith Community Kitchen, and Oz Harvest...benevolent goodwill...over $20,000 in non-perishables were donated, and much as I would've liked even more, I felt like I was the beneficiary of way more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Plastics ONO

Oh dear, the light in the garbage can isn't on, it should be!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Kandos windows, winter 2014 On residency in preparation for Cementa_2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Blue and white car

Cementa_15 Paint and permanent marker on glass "Cuts n curls": every time the phone rings, in a cutesy-pie singsong voice...from the instant I arrived there were always at least three people in the busy salon, gossiping and discussing life. I sat in the window doing my thing, listening in on the talk, sometimes contributing, but mostly eavesdropping. I learnt a lot about Kandos in those two days. I really shouldn't have rushed at the start, as that is when I was masking off. Rushing art is not good. Ever. But I only had a limited time to get it done...hopefully I learned a lesson. But sitting listening to the gossip was enthral long and I felt closer to the locals through that experience, and how most liked a drink, some loved the monster trucks and they all loved their children. The work was originally meant to be situated in the NRMA windows, but they were shy and wary. In the end I was glad I'd gotten to spend the time in the hairdressers and had them do my do for the opening night, fancy! On Saturday is saw a couple of kids in the window pretending to drive the car. It dint work out in the way I'd envisioned it,but by the end I got used to it. It feels like it's stuck in the past, and is a bit hobbled by its lack of tyre...poor old thing, it's like another self portrait! Thank you so much for the chance to get closer to you all.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Questions about art

Anne Kay and Jane Polkinghorne did a video project ten years ago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Situation curated by Russell Storer; interviewing 100 artists. They then showed the work at Sydney College of the Arts ten years later with some updates. These were my answers in 2015 Q1. How do you see your role as a visual artist? Q2. How you measure the success (or lack of success) of your practice? Q3. How do you see you practice in relation to social or political issues of the day? 1. My role is to do my work. In my case it is to respond to the time we live in now, and to formulate work that collects, converts and inverts the staging of our current society. I still believe in alchemy and making something out of nothing is true magic. 2. I suppose it comes down to the facility in which I operate, and whether what I instigate actually comes to fruition. 3. I maintain that all art is political, subtle or not. My practice is informed by my personal politics and socialism. In confronting the reality of the time I live in, I engage in the polemics of consumerism, and my place within that structure.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vibrant Matter

At The Bearded Tit, Redfern Emma Price asked me to do the window of the bar, and in response to the surrounding area and Jane Bennett's wonderful book, I installed a hodge-podge installation...haha you can see my fat feet in the bottom photo...

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Art and Breakfast

I met a great artist in Tokyo; Midori Mitamura. She hosts breakfasts around the world, and this year she asked other people to co-ordinate and do the same. file:///Users/sarahgoffman/Documents/Art%20&%20Breakfast%20Day%20%7C%20Australia-Vol.1.webarchive It was fun. We talked about a r t. I served a cross between a Japanese breakfast with miso, rice and pickles, eggs and seaweed and Australian. We had iced coffees. Present; Ivan Cheng, Lisa Andrew, Bec Dean, Raquel Ormella and Koji Ryui

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fat massage

Getting close and personal with the lovers...this 'performance' took me to a new level of proximity, groping strangers in a bar context and playing physical games which I fully enjoyed. If I was touched by a man in jest I would chase him and grab him. I may be big, but I am strong and fast. I liked how the tables were turned, and I had the power.
Photo: John Douglas (with Daniel Mudie Cunningham reclining at OAF) Taboos surround fat in Western culture, I found putting a fat suit on very liberating and I danced the night away with absolute freedom.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery exhibition "Strange Histories" Bottom piece; a simulation of the notice board in the General Store, with additional material Materials: Watercolour, plastics, tracing paper, biro, ribbon, felt, thumb tacks, digital print, sellotape, photograph, paper. Top piece; a tracing of an Islamic prayer rug, soldering iron on builder's plastic, mounted on black painted board. I just found my artist statement; My work centers around the transformation of objects, re-fashioning the world in a consumer context. I work site-specifically, in installation, collecting materials and converting spaces. I collect objects that are reminiscent of the site’s history and ethos, making a work that describes a sensibility and affinity with the area, as observed. Various collections of objects and materials emerge in the process and are placed within the Gallery context. The sculptural work, Fair field is a new piece consisting of a large doll’s house, constructed by the artist Kevin Sheehan for his daughter, Mila. I have appropriated the house and made additions, converting it into an artwork. Today’s current sense of progress invokes a variety of metaphors which I can only describe as re-scheduled. Notions of the original seems steeped in nostalgia, which I’m not adverse to. In fact, I value the authenticity of any original, and attempt to make it my own. As an artist, these narratives come into play. The wall work consists of a copy of the notice board Pinterest at the General Store, using water colour paintings of commercial packaging/postcards/receipts, digital copies of drawings and mock-ups, representing the culturally diverse flavours of Fairfield.

Friday, June 20, 2014

New Digital Media

Sarah Goffman transforms the prosaic, the banal and the mundane. In the way of a latter day alchemist she turns cloned plastics and packaging, the discards and neglected items of consumerist, throwaway cultures into unique, decorative objects of desire. The repurposing and hand fashioning is apparent in the wry but apposite title, ‘new digital media” given to her latest group of works. She has been working with plastic and collecting and reinterpreting everyday items for over twenty years and immersing herself in Asian cultures, particularly in Japan. Since 2009 she has undertaken artist residencies under the auspices of Asialink and the Australia Council and worked and exhibited with contemporary artists. Many of her works are a fusion of Asian and Australian sensibilities she describes as “…being derivative of a Silk Road ethos, via China and Japan to Australia, of taking found objects or discarded materials and transforming them into beautiful and precious things.” Sarah Goffman’s approach can be likened to a form of visual Chinese Whispers. A shelf installation of line drawings in blue marker pen on Mylar, was conceived for this exhibition while leafing through a Japanese digital technology catalogue. One panel suggests a computer motherboard, but it and other of the drawings are all traced in the style of blue and while Willow Pattern ceramics and Chinoiserie textiles. A lo-fi video, a painterly, scanned video-scape of merged and blurred surfaces, some shiny some matte, all rich reds, is shot in the streets of Sydney. But this abstract vision is greatly distanced from the detailed and articulated assembly line engineered machinery and sleek commercial advertisements for the ultimate consumer object of desire that is the red car. Sarah Goffman’s practice spans, painting, drawing, sculpture, video and performance. Integral to all aspects is the philosophical conundrum of “When does one thing cease to be itself and become another?” Her assemblages describe an historical materialism and a legacy of visual exchange across cultures marked by an underlying quiet but potent and subversive irony. Barbara Dowse Curator

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maximalist Tokonoma

At Gallery9 Something old, something new...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hard Rubbish 2013

As part of the exhibition Camouflage at Sydney College of the Arts. This piece contains found, made, collected, altered and assembled material objects. There were 450 items in total.
On the floor I spelt out "THIS IS A PAINTING" in objects.