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Cultural Product
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Blue and white car

Cementa_15 Paint and permanent marker on glass "Cuts n curls": every time the phone rings, in a cutesy-pie singsong voice...from the instant I arrived there were always at least three people in the busy salon, gossiping and discussing life. I sat in the window doing my thing, listening in on the talk, sometimes contributing, but mostly eavesdropping. I learnt a lot about Kandos in those two days. I really shouldn't have rushed at the start, as that is when I was masking off. Rushing art is not good. Ever. But I only had a limited time to get it done...hopefully I learned a lesson. But sitting listening to the gossip was enthral long and I felt closer to the locals through that experience, and how most liked a drink, some loved the monster trucks and they all loved their children. The work was originally meant to be situated in the NRMA windows, but they were shy and wary. In the end I was glad I'd gotten to spend the time in the hairdressers and had them do my do for the opening night, fancy! On Saturday is saw a couple of kids in the window pretending to drive the car. It dint work out in the way I'd envisioned it,but by the end I got used to it. It feels like it's stuck in the past, and is a bit hobbled by its lack of tyre...poor old thing, it's like another self portrait! Thank you so much for the chance to get closer to you all.

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