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Cultural Product
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Questions about art

Anne Kay and Jane Polkinghorne did a video project ten years ago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Situation curated by Russell Storer; interviewing 100 artists. They then showed the work at Sydney College of the Arts ten years later with some updates. These were my answers in 2015 Q1. How do you see your role as a visual artist? Q2. How you measure the success (or lack of success) of your practice? Q3. How do you see you practice in relation to social or political issues of the day? 1. My role is to do my work. In my case it is to respond to the time we live in now, and to formulate work that collects, converts and inverts the staging of our current society. I still believe in alchemy and making something out of nothing is true magic. 2. I suppose it comes down to the facility in which I operate, and whether what I instigate actually comes to fruition. 3. I maintain that all art is political, subtle or not. My practice is informed by my personal politics and socialism. In confronting the reality of the time I live in, I engage in the polemics of consumerism, and my place within that structure.

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