Cultural Product

Cultural Product
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

In every dream home

Curated by Sophie O'Brien at SCA Gallery 2007
Heavy Duty
Collected plastic bags, photocopy, pencil on paper, shelf by Marley

I first saw the audio processor on Tim Hilton’s computer last year. What a pretty and complex picture it made! He printed it out for me, as I knew what I wanted to do with it right away. I wanted to replicate it as best as I could, so I drew it, photocopied it and coloured it in. It seemed to present me with so many possibilities as a picture, painted or coloured in various ways. Presumably, originally an artist designed the series, and perhaps began with a sketch, then scanned it into the computer, before modeling it using software. The racks of sound mixing equipment convincingly resemble the actual things found in expensive studios, and are available to anyone owning a computer with the desire to make their own sounds. My appropriation of the drawing lends a facile, childish interpretation of what it was originally designed for…misuse of advanced technology.
The plastic bags are a result of fourteen years of collecting from my family, friends and neighbours. Their usage is primarily a billboard to advertise the retailers, and secondly a carrier to take your purchases away with you. What are we supposed to do with these once they’ve served their purpose? En mass their weight is surprising, their colours amazing, and their bulk sizeable. Shouldn’t I just discard them and make more room for myself? I cannot let them go.