Cultural Product

Cultural Product
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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery exhibition "Strange Histories" Bottom piece; a simulation of the notice board in the General Store, with additional material Materials: Watercolour, plastics, tracing paper, biro, ribbon, felt, thumb tacks, digital print, sellotape, photograph, paper. Top piece; a tracing of an Islamic prayer rug, soldering iron on builder's plastic, mounted on black painted board. I just found my artist statement; My work centers around the transformation of objects, re-fashioning the world in a consumer context. I work site-specifically, in installation, collecting materials and converting spaces. I collect objects that are reminiscent of the site’s history and ethos, making a work that describes a sensibility and affinity with the area, as observed. Various collections of objects and materials emerge in the process and are placed within the Gallery context. The sculptural work, Fair field is a new piece consisting of a large doll’s house, constructed by the artist Kevin Sheehan for his daughter, Mila. I have appropriated the house and made additions, converting it into an artwork. Today’s current sense of progress invokes a variety of metaphors which I can only describe as re-scheduled. Notions of the original seems steeped in nostalgia, which I’m not adverse to. In fact, I value the authenticity of any original, and attempt to make it my own. As an artist, these narratives come into play. The wall work consists of a copy of the notice board Pinterest at the General Store, using water colour paintings of commercial packaging/postcards/receipts, digital copies of drawings and mock-ups, representing the culturally diverse flavours of Fairfield.

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