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Cultural Product
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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Can't decide what font to use! There are so few to choose from and I want MY OWN. Elvis Richardson suggested I start a blog, so here I am.

Here we are; Tin Sheds Gallery show PARADISE FOUND April 29 - May 17 2008 install view

Want to try and document my shows and write about the links I've explored that inform and enhance the works.

In the foreground; low table on trestles Happiness Table this is made out of cardboard, plastics, handmade paper, wire, glass, fimo, texter and plaster. I made this in response to a picture from my Redbook "Happiness" diary, which pictured such a table setting. I have tried to simulate the beauty and fragility of this chinoiserie, by using found and made objects.

Background; Greens Plastics and more plastics, hot glue, mirror, water. I have been collecting and using plastics for my whole art career. I had kept a plastic bag from Vienna 1979, it always seemed too precious to throw away. The varying shades of green are so beautiful, I have hung on to every scrap, displayed here. Many of these pieces are discarded remnants from other old artworks, re-employed.

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