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Cultural Product
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I love conversing

Talking to strangers is a buzz, I can feel their electricity and the intimate setting of the tea house is pretty close, but not cloying. I find myself at home, preparing for the day, keen to talk but also knowing I need to reserve my voice for the onslaught later. I want to call friends and chat and ruminate but need to hold off till later. This is now.


miss helen said...

Dear Sarah,

I wanted to write a little thankyou note for your lovely afternoon tea.

It was such a beautiful experience, and I think it was beautiful that is was raining but we were safe in your tea house.

I really felt the magic in your installation, and I haven't felt that way about art in quite a while now, so thankyou, thankyou very much, it reminded me why I am the way I am and what we are doing is worthwhile, and it was a very positive experience, and I feel like experiences like that change the world in a very small but real way.

I am glad that I have found your blog, and I hope that you are resting and recovering from your exhibition! You have given so many so much! I really appreciate the effort.

Lots of love,
Helen(miss helen)

Goffers said...

Dear Miss Helen

Thank you so much for saying so, I appreciate it muchly. IT was great to see you again and delight in your mauve cardi. Mauve is very soft on the eye.
Keep up the colour, keep up the life! Don't be dissuaded! Don't let the bastards get you down (thats my mantra).
Love and goodness