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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Paradise Found

While making work for the show and negotiating beauty and content, a doco played for 2 weeks on the ABC; Paradise Found. It is a super piece of film making about the arts of Islam, architecture and history. I was gobsmacked throughout, ashamedly admitting there was so much that I didn't know about the Islamic influence on all Europe, and much of the world. Had my education been deficient? We find paradise through understanding, through seeing and loving. My world is enhanced by my vision and exultation that we are all in this together, each individual one of us, at different stages, co-existing. The doco made me understand that art in mosques was there to uplift the viewer and contemplate beauty itself. The spires leading to heaven, closer to God.

I am not religious, except about my committment to the earth itself.

But this program helped make me accept what I had made.


Anonymous said...

wow i love all the images there was SOOOO much in this show - i love seeing it all - wow

Micky said...

Hey lovey,
Don't stop doing this blog as well as your new one. Me loves seeing your lovely work and your words are inspiring, just like you are. I saw a show on sbs last night called Afghan Star. It put me in such a good mood seeing these people trying to turn their lives around using the positive forces of music. Since the Taliban has largely left Kabul, people feel free to express themselves again, especially the women, they are taking off their head scarfs and dancing! Afghan pop songs are amazing! I'm going to get peanut butter chocolate cups now! xxx