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Cultural Product
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Sunday, November 19, 2006

6 week trial

And a dinner
After 6 weeks in the studios, and installing at Artspace, we were rudely kicked out. I got to come back for the night before the closing with a private party. Hosted by Lisa Andrew, Carla Cescon and myself, we created a Grotesque Dinner. Entrees were super-good gazpacho with ghostly croutons (CC), mains, Messy sushi; loads of rice and assorted toppings accompanied by seaweed cut into hand shapes (my own), and finally la piece de resistance, pictured L; ile LA; described as an island of meringue floating in a lake of custard, it was truly monumental. Table decor, LA and CC.
Sorry, more pix to come (if anyone has any can they send them to me?).
I think there were 30 guests. Pictured; The fabulous Nobu. Photographs; The great Deborah Vaughan.

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