Cultural Product

Cultural Product
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Swell 7

Spray painted bag of nuts on outside ledge

SWELL (Just some shit) A grouped show
@ Block

Sunrise found motor; Erskineville, gadget; City Gold back alley, hot glue, plastic

Take away plastics, found display shelves; City Gold back alley, paint, horse, Asian magazine page; Qantas, wax, pins, glass, Perspex, wire, steel, whiskey, hot melt, 10 Lindt chocolate bar cards, sand, string, hessian, shopping trolley, light water, lead, fishing wire, found glasses; Scots Church lane, concrete, t-shirt, light box, oil pastel, pumpkin, watermelon

Found money
1980-2002 money, Sellotape, perspex

Taken in Geneva 2000 photographs; anti land-mine public art

Found in back alley Plastics, wood

Champion shell thing; Auburn household rubbish, plastics, bamboo, glass, hot melt, string, sellotape

Positive gearing hot melt, glass jars from former art work, containing own hair, paint, oil pastel, jelly sweets, snail droppings, shelf

Found rings 1970-2002 rings, found umbrella; in Kingswood, whose is it?, orange juice

Stand found stand; City Gold back alley, Xenon light, batteries, plastics, hot melt, permanent marker, glow in the dark human skeleton head, page from aforementioned magazine, found gloves; Coogee household rubbish, balsa wood; 10 day city sponsor, personal stereo, water

Well donated lighters 2000-2002, pump, water, sandbags, plastic, glass

Sydney snails Stripped box; from garden, snail droppings, plastic box, Perspex shelf

Black Queen ink, stamps, binder, religious icon, local paver

In kind sponsor Australian Native Landscapes, thank you Daniel

Thank you to the Hollywood Hotel, Surry Hills, the Union Hotel, Erskineville, and all
the people who donated lighters.

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